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It was October 1986. I was about four years old. My parents and I were staying in a hotel in Sanremo, Italy.
It was late and I was sleepy but instead of my pajamas, my parents dressed me out. My mother stayed in the room and my father and I went out.
Two friends of my father came to pick us up at the hotel door with a small car and after a while, they parked.
I was at the roadside, on a dark night, surrounded by many people, noisy and very cold. A friend of my father gave me a coat which was too big for me and I did not understand anything.
Suddenly the whole forest began to move and make a lot of noise and, in the blink of an eye, appeared before me two round lights. It was my first rally car.
I am Jordi Vidal, born in Igualada (Barcelona) in 1983. Photographer; motor, sports, travel, nature and wildlife around the world lover.
I offer my services to make photographs to all types of competition, expeditions, trips and events.

- World Rally Championship (WRC)

- MotoGP 

- Formula 1

- Dakar

- Cross Country Rallies

- World Rally Cross Championship RX

- World Touring Car Championship

- FIA Middle-East Rally Championship 

- Bajas 

- Enduro 

- SuperEnduro

- Trial 

- X-Trial

- Motocross

- Supercross 

- Football (Lliga, Copa del Rei, Champions,.. )

- Vuelta España, Tour de France, Giro Italia, Volta Catalunya,..


I have visited 35 countries around the world (Europe, America, Asia and Oceania), especially mountain areas, Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada.